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First Sundays Concert Series Whitmore Park Annapolis Septmeber 2014
Joined by Orlando Cotto - congas, Harry Appelman - piano, Leigh Pilzer - bari sax, Mark Merella - timbales

Tito Puente's seminal cha-cha Que Sera. Paul Hannah featured on flute.
Mambo #5 Perez Prado's Mambo classic. Solo by Doug Elliott on trombone.

"An Evening At The Palladium" Creative Alliance Baltimore May 2014
Joined by Samuel Munguia - piano, Gary Elter from WEAA's Fiesta Musical - guiro, Leigh Pilzer - bari sax

Tito Puente's Oye Mi Guaguanco. This was covered on Rumba Club's Desde La Capital recording on Palmetto Records. Features short solos from all three percussionists: Rob White - bongos sittin' in, Sam Turner - congas, Mark Merella - timbales,ription.
Asi Asi by Tacabra. Solos by Rudy Morales - bongos, Brad Gunson - trombone, Tom Williams - trumpet, Paul Hannah - alto sax, Leigh Pilzer - bari sax.

Friday Night Live Concert Series Rockville Town Square July 2014
Joined by Ben Frock - trumpet, Leigh Pilzer - bari sax

Chango Te Llama by Oscar Hernandez from Daniel Ponce's songbook. This is a rough video but features an amazing bongo stick solo by Sam Turner from two angles.
Mambo#5 Perez Prado's classic mambo standard. A short montage featuring solo by Tim Murphy.

Gondwanaland by Leon Gruenbaum from Mamacita! this time with a DC go-go groove. Solos by
Josh Schwartzman - bass, Paul Hannah - alto sax, Doug Elliott - trombone.